Thursday, March 21, 2013

Being Truly His

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Here I go, hopping up on my soap box again...

I just wanted to share something I've learned that's helped me get through a very difficult time recently.

I won't go into great detail, but I will tell you that I have been deeply hurt and "effected" by someone very close to me. I've dealt with it over these past several months and what I've learned and now try to put into practice is this: EVERY moment I give over to hurt or worry or anger or painful memories is a moment when I should/ could be praising God for how He's brought me through it!
My life and each new day are true gifts from God. I'm being hypocritical if I start each day by asking Him to be Lord over all I do and say, only to give in to thoughts that destroy and tear down my joy. It's the enemy who wants our joy, our happiness and our love for the Lord. We cannot forget to "whom" we belong :)
Well, I'll step off my soap box now. This has really been on my heart and the Lord brought me here today to share it with you. Be blessed, sweet sisters. May you each be filled with the joy and the peace of Jesus!

Many Blessings,

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Thank You For it ALL!

It’s good to be on the back side of several hectic weeks. I can finally breathe again.
Speak in full sentences again.
Relax with a cup of coffee and have a phone conversation again.
Even (dare I venture to admit) work in the garden again!
But in the middle of my running around these past weeks, a simple thought kept rising to the surface over and over. So much so that I finally started to speak the words out loud at random moments and my spirit still jumps with joy each time:
Thank you for it ALL!
…and repeat.
I can’t help but to keep thanking God for ALL of it; all the years and the days, all the "stuff" I may never understand, all the different relationships and people I’ve met along the way, all the experiences that have lead up to this point in my life. I thank Him for all the disappointments and heartache, all the joy and elation, moments that still the breath and bring the tears.
Thank you for it ALL!
I thank Him for the feeling of being settled and resting in that safe and comfortable place with Him. I thank Him for the sweetness of knowing Him and that He cares about all that burdens my heart.
Thank you for it ALL!

Thank you, Jesus!

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Spring Coffee Time by Yana Ray

Sunday, March 3, 2013

New issue of CW Voice Magazine is here!

Hello Friends!
I just want to sneak in here for a minute to let you know that the March/April issue of Christian Women’s Voice Magazine  is up and running and ready to bless!

In this issue you'll find amazing recipes from our frugal living expert, Kim Wolf (Friendship Over a Tea Cup, page 12) and new contributor, Tami Collins (From Tami's Kitchen, page 30). You'll enjoy thoughts from the garden (The Fragrance of Friendship, page 26), money-saving tips from the Savvy Coupon Lady (also a new contributor - page 34), PLUS articles that will bring a smile AND bring a tear. Check out our Family Staycation ideas on page 22 as well as some of the beautiful garden tours featured in various states this spring on page 36! Ladies, there TRULY IS something for EVERY heart in each issue of CW Voice :) Share us with a friend (or 6)
Visit to order yours today!


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