Friday, February 28, 2014

My article in today's paper

Hello and Happy Friday to you!

I'm just sharing the link to my article that showed up this morning in a couple Southern California Acorn newspapers.

I hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Let Them See Jesus...First

There’s something so satisfying about sweeping the back patio.
My fountain is there providing a peaceful spot for the local hummingbirds to gather.
My doves and finches flit around in their cages as the promise of spring color pushes through new buds.
Beyond that, just past the lawn, sits the chicken coop where my sweet hens produce beautiful fresh brown eggs for our family.
And to the left is the walkway that leads to the garden; the soil there is rich with memories, dreams, tears, moments to cherish.

I turned the corner the other day to see a woman out sweeping her front porch. Our eyes met and we exchanged smiles and that feeling of contentment welled up once more. It might sound silly, but to me, sweeping up the last little bits of “home” says that everything on the inside has been cared for, tended to.

All is well beyond the front door.

It made me think and consider what I’m portraying when people see me, my home, my endeavors…my life. 

I wonder if they see Jesus. I wonder if they see that He’s not a secondary figure, but rather the very reason I rise each morning. I wonder if they see that He’s behind me, beside me and before me as I strive to be more for Him.

I want them to see Jesus…first.

Before my choices, before my words and before my actions, I want them to see Jesus.

Father God,
Be in all that I do and say. Help me to always keep a humble, pure heart and to follow your leading above my own. In your name, Jesus. Amen.

Be blessed, dear friend,


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