Friday, January 16, 2015

My Old Friend

I’m going to visit an old friend today.
Or maybe tomorrow.
She holds a huge piece of my heart, as we’ve shared so much together over the years. She’s watched my children grow. She’s experienced the thrills, the disappointments, the tears and the triumphs of life right along with me. She has seen it all and has always been right there for me. Though I’m not able to visit as often as I would like, she’s very forgiving and understanding and seems all too happy with the moments I can afford.
I hope that in our time together I’m able to give back just a portion of what she gives me. I feel like I’m always the one doing the taking while she's all about the giving.
She’s not looking quite “herself” these days, but I know that with a little time spent together, we’ll both be sparkling once again from the inside out.
I do miss my old friend…it’s been far too long.


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