Sunday, January 24, 2010

A prayer for moms

Dear Lord,
Today I just want to lift up all the moms around the country.  No, this isn't "Mother's Day," but I just feel a heavy burden for those who are stuggling; so many are dealing with strained relationships within their own households.  Many are struggling financially, worried about possible loss of employment or even the need for a second job that will take them away from their families. 

I'm praying for those who have spent their morning shoveling snow, hauling firewood, taken care of sick children or husbands and doing so unaware of the sacrifice - putting aside their own physical afflictions.  Be with those who sacrifice sleep and rest to provide for their families.  Be with those courageous enough to wear a smile and praise your name while enduring life-threatening disease. Warm those who are cold and without electricity.  Feed those who have empty cupboards.  Strengthen those who are trying to raise up their children to be responsible adults, and let their efforts be met with understanding and compassion.  May you be glorified with the mending of relationships between mother and child.  Comfort those whose children have diverted down a destructive path.  Hear the prayers of mothers who go to their knees in prayer, desperate for your intervention.

I want to pray for mothers of those who are serving in the armed forces.  Hear their prayers, Lord as they cry out for your protection and comfort over their sons and daughters fighting for our great nation. Likewise, I pray for the faithful, strong women whose husbands are serving.  Close the gap of time and give them peace as they count down the months and days until they can be re-united as a family once more.

I want to pray for the mothers who have found themselves in desperate situations, either in a home where there is abuse, alcoholism or addictions.  Hear these women, dear Lord.  Help them to feel your presence in their lives in a very real way.  Let them not lose hope for the future.  I pray you bring about love and support from the body of Christ so that others may be used of you to direct the hurting and lost straight to your light!

Thank you, Jesus, for hearing our prayers and for loving us like no other.  Thank you that when we call out to you, you listen and you care.

God bless those who are mothers and wives.  Strengthen and encourage them today.  Be their hope for the future, I pray.  I Jesus' precious name.  Amen

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