Friday, January 15, 2010

Your words - not mine

The voice on the line spoke through the scratchy connection of the motel room where she stayed last night, but would soon be forced to leave.  Her voice, though distant and weak, immediately tugged at my heart and I wanted to reach out to her - to somehow pluck her from her situation and set her back on solid ground.

It seems everywhere I turn these days, I'm met with those suffering in very real ways.  The enemy has invaded lives once rich with good health, strong faith and hope for the future.  He alone has stolen dreams, diminished finances and broken relationships and all I can do is offer a heart-felt prayer - the simplest, yet most powerful tool there is.

So, to the voice on the phone, I closed my eyes and spoke with words not from my own mind, but instead allowed the holy spirit to speak through me offering words and thoughts that I knew weren't coming from my feable mind.  At that very moment I gave all I could to the situation - in fact it's the way I'm supposed to handle the situation, isn't it?  Afterall, when the need far outweighs my ability to correct it, I have to go to the One with the power to help.

Thank you, God for giving me your words and the ability to offer comfort to those whom you bring across my path.  Thank you for hearing our prayers and for loving us.  Amen.

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