Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Growing Pains!

I guess I'm OK with this, but it hasn't been easy.

For those of you who haven't tuned into the thoughts buzzing around my fuzzy brain this morning, let's review:  my daughter, baby girl of mine, is 15.  The "friend" she's had all school year caught her eye in a brand new way a few months ago, and they have ventured into the hand-holding stage.

I hyperventillated with this news at first, but I'm getting better with it.  He's a very sweet, musically gifted, respectful young man (aren't they all?), and I completely approve.  They've gone to birthday parties together, band events, the movies, the pool, etc.  I do believe their relationship is innocent given the maturity levels of both, but my special super-mom laser vision remains at the ready for any signs to the contrary.

So when they planned to meet with a mutual friend yesterday to go swimming...again, I did what all good, conservative moms do:  I sat down with her bathing suit, a needle and thread and proceeded to cinch up about 3 inches at the cleavage that the rest of the world didn't need to see! (Now, it's almost a turtle neck, HA!)

Seriously, this whole teen-age thing has to get better as they approach adulthood - hopefully before I approach the rocking chair!  All the mood swings, emotional outbursts (oh wait, that's me), non-stop texting and marathon phone calls, oh my goodness.

Between her social calendar and "Mr. High School Graduate with no clear plan," I'll admit, I'm a little edgy these days.  A little raw.  A little quick tempered and sleep-deprived, but I know it's just one more phase in life......right?

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