Thursday, July 15, 2010


Sometimes, even the most creative of minds could use a little rich espresso for the brain to spark imagination.  The artist, chef, designer, gardener, and the writer all experience peaks and valleys when it comes to creative flow.

So, what sets your mind in motion?  For me, it's reading a book in my genre. 

Some days the wheels just stop spinning.  I can't explain it.  The well simply runs dry and thoughts of housecleaning or what to make for dinner replace anything story related.  I sit staring at that blinking, screaming cursor - "So, write something already!  Anything!" it taunts.  I can almost hear it!

That's when I break out the books.  I read through Christian fiction paying special attention to plot, flow, characterization, grammar, etc.  Is it holding my attention?  Why did the author introduce this character so far into the book?  What's with all the passive voice?  I thought that was taboo in the writing world.  Someone actually published this???  And why, oh why is it written in the 3rd person?

Ultimately, I think it all comes down to discipline and how I decide to spend my time.  When we truly want something to work, we MAKE it work.  And if I truly want to finish this book, I'll find the inspiration and the rusty wheels will chapter at a time.

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