Sunday, August 28, 2011

"The Courage to Fly" begins tomorrow!

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I’m so excited to share some thoughts with you in my blog series, “The Courage to Fly,” which begins tomorrow.

SO excited, in fact, that I’d like to give a little preface post to give you an idea of just where all this talk of pursuing dreams originated.

Perhaps it explains why I relate everything to the garden…because that’s where He speaks to me. That’s where He led me during those dark and cloudy months. The months my preoccupied self took precedence over the weeds, the lack of water and nourishment and the desperate whimper of shriveling foliage just beyond the garden gate. Like prisoners with no escape, I look back now and envision my struggling, weak plants dragging crude metal watering cans back and forth across the gate slats to get my attention, but I’d become too content in my own misery to pay them any mind.

I was in a darkened, angry state of heart running through my days methodically on auto-pilot, ignoring phone calls, decisions, denying myself all forms of peace and happiness. Like the garden, I, too stood withering, fading, losing all traces of color and life. I’d lost my enthusiasm and felt like a failure to my husband, children and family members.

I, like the garden, stood barren, stripped of foliage and limp while the rain poured in my heart.

One day (which I mention later in series), the Lord came through loud and clear – an almost audible voice, and gave me my dream back…gave me back to me! In those simple words, He made me realize that you and I, whether single or married, youthful or “well seasoned,” from false eye lashes to false teeth, we each possess a passion uniquely ours.

Your dreams matter because God put them there. He created you; vibrant, beautiful, intelligent you to live out a particular purpose, and he equipped you with everything necessary to do so. Isn’t that an awesome thing to consider? No matter what stage of life you find yourself, you are still an integral part of God’s perfect plan.

Now, I don’t have a wall full of counseling degrees to back me up, and I can’t tell you why good people have to endure unthinkable loss and heartache, but I do know this: if you had the good pleasure of waking up this morning to a beautiful new day, there’s a reason for it.

There’s a reason you survived the accident, the broken marriage, the unhealthy relationship.

There’s a reason you came through the surgery.

There’s a reason the chemo worked and you’ve been declared cancer free.

There’s a reason for your past, and plenty of reason to look ahead to your future.

There’s a reason the Lord has taken away and forgiven your sins.

There’s a reason why you’re reading this right now.

Yes, you may be scarred and discouraged from the battle, but if you’re still here, there’s still work to be done, and God wants to accomplish it in you one step at a time!

Join me tomorrow as we kick off “The Courage to Fly”!

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  1. You have definitely hooked my interest, Debbie! Can't wait to read on!
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