Wednesday, October 5, 2011


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The rain started heavy this morning beating against the roof and filling the dark of early morning with sounds of renewal and rebirth – the glorious cleansing that makes all things new. The fresh scent, even before the light of day, drifted in through open window and dancing curtains; all proof of God’s power to summon the storm through darkness and light.

I thought about people who spend their lives much the same way; people who simply do, not looking for or needing the light to shine on their efforts.

A sharp contrast to those who compete for the light taking glory meant for the Lord to fulfill their empty pride.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

(Romans 8:28) NIV

We’re not competing if we’re truly for God. When our hearts are in line with His plan and purpose, we realize that ALL which is meant for His glory will indeed glorify HIM – it’s not FOR us to own. He’s already given so much – who am I to claim glory from the One who has already suffered and died for me?

The competition begins when we shift the focus FROM God to our own pride.

Still, the rain falls in both light and dark. It doesn’t need to be seen to have impact.

'350.365 Rain on Leaf' photo (c) 2011, Reilly Butler - license:


  1. Oh, how I do love the rain! Especially the first rains after a long, dry, dusty season. It works for both the natural and in the spirit. Love it, love this, and love you!

  2. We had rain here last night too... we're almost under the same sky Debbie :) I always conclude that pride is at the root of all evil... it's no different when a heart is competitive. It's funny too that people say competition is a good thing... that it's good for our kids. I'm not convinced... no matter what they begin to rely on there own ability to accomplish something and then when they win they consume that victory for themselves. I guess as parents we just have to keep reminding our kids (and ourselves) that our victories are because of and for Him! Ya know, I don't remember Jesus competing with anyone... not that anyone would be a match for Him, but if He's our example then competition seems to be out! Great post :)

  3. This is wonderful "We’re not competing if we’re truly for God." So many times, women feel the need to be in competition with each other. When that happens it makes it about their activity instead of God's. Victories we have are because of God and for his glory not ourselves. Wonderful post!! Love Kelli



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