Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Who's Behind Your Dream?

'28:366 A Bit of Order' photo (c) 2012, Michelle TeGrootenhuis - license:
Laundry doesn’t fold itself.
What a wonderful and hidden blessing found in those quiet moments of smoothing out lines and wrinkles of the day. It seems my deepest, heaviest thinking takes place over stacks of fluffy bath towels, the jeans and dress shirts of my hard-working husband.
Even when I’m feeling a bit unraveled, I can fold things into neat and tidy stacks and feel some sense of accomplishment, though I’m still rushing to be and do all that the day demands.
'Even when you can't see what we're holding, our body language tells you that we're talking on a cellphone' photo (c) 2009, Ed Yourdon - license:
There was a time when I couldn’t see beyond the tall piles of laundry. Couldn’t see beyond the walls that enclosed my mind and my spirit. I couldn’t see past the frustrated, depressed, “you’re-not-good-enough” mess that I was; beyond my failed attempts or the unclean, untidy, undone and unfinished….into God’s real plan.
I assumed my plan was His plan, so I headed strong and fast into each new dream with wheels spinning in the mud and going nowhere fast.
Back then, the only voice I heard was my own. Sadly, all others were distant and less important.
So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.
(Romans 10:17) ESV
I push the stack of towels aside and rummage around for the matching socks. I join them, one with the other, and realize the simple reality; the lesson in the moment:
A dream powered by our own will
will be an uphill climb and reap little benefit
but a dream powered by prayer and unwavering faith in God
will reap blessings of God-sized proportions.
Who’s behind your dreams today?
Who’s behind your thoughts and your actions?
Who’s behind…you?

I’m so glad laundry doesn’t fold itself.

Be blessed today!


  1. usual. <3

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

  2. I like the words highlighted in blue here; so true.

  3. Very nice Debbie, something so simple yet true! Love, Bettina

  4. Debbie, I love this post so much... you pricked my heart and in such a good way! For me it's over the sink full of dishes, but all the rest is the same :) I heart you!



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