Friday, May 30, 2014

Sharing My Heart

It’s the hurting friend across the miles who grips my heart today.
Another with ragged breath escaping over a scratchy phone line.
And another sunk low in her dark depression and void.

So, what do you say to the hurting soul who’s only familiar with the sharp edges of life? Balancing on that high wire of the tight and the jagged with nowhere to go?
The answer is and was and will always be the same: Jesus!
My heart aches and the tears sting for those who deserve more.
Should believe in more.
Were made for more.
Those I hope to see graced with more.
The pain and the hurt and the struggle are real.
Yet the Healer, the Savior, the one true source of comfort and hope is real!
The is no other way – no other life-long solution to stop the bleeding of a broken heart; the soul needing and grasping for purpose and strength.
Only my Jesus can mend the many holes in a spirit once intact.
Only my Jesus truly comforts the truly hurting.
Only my Jesus gives hope to the hopelessly lost.

Only my Jesus hears our every prayer and gives light to our darkest days.

With Love,


  1. Beautiful. A lot of times we think we don't know what to say to the person hurting and believe it not, some people actually avoid the hurting person because they feel awkward or at a loss for words. I will tell you this: just be there for the person, knowing that your are there for them, offer a smile or a hug and if no words come then that is okay. Knowing that you support, love and are praying is often times worth a LOT more than mere words. I pray God will fill you with the right words, strength and love to be there for your hurting friends. Lifting you up.

  2. I like your answer of Jesus. We aim to be his hands and heart for hurting friends.



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