Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Lessons Learned from a Mini-Dachshund

I never realized I could learn so much from my mini-dachshund.
Willy had surgery recently to repair a ruptured disc in his back. He was in agony and paralyzed in his hind quarters.
Despite the vet’s cautious optimism and the raised eyebrows of the many nurses who treated him, Willy is proving that through his determination, he’s going to beat the “50/50 chance” to ever walk again. He’s incredible and getting stronger each day!
I can do all things through him who strengthens me. (Phil. 4:13)

Willy has shown me that it’s not enough to simply “want” something. You have to think past the pain and into the victory; to pull yourself up on wobbly legs, maybe listing to the left or to the right but never losing focus of the end result. Maybe the process isn’t pretty or graceful; maybe even a little humiliating, but it’s necessary to meet the goal. And, like the many prayers that have helped him heal and find strength to move forward, those prayers turn to rejoicing when we can stand without help and run on our own!
I praise God for the many practical ways He speaks to my heart.

And I praise Him for the work He’s doing in my sweet Willy.



  1. Willie is such a sweetheart. So glad he's doing well, and I love the application. It would be a great one to share on our melt down challenge :)

  2. What a brave boy! He has a great support group at home too!! Keep getting stronger Willy!
    ~~Aunt Bettina

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