Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I need a personal app for patience, and I need it now!

I'd love to know how to be still and leave everything in God's hands.  I tell others to do that, but I can't even do it myself.  I'm impatient.  I fret.  I worry and wonder.

I've sent the first 3 chapters of my book to a publisher knowing their normal response time is 1 month.  I've also entered a humor essay contest.  More waiting there too as the results won't be listed until March!  Still, I check my email inbox so often that my computer mouse instinctively hops over to the "Check Email" button every 2.5 minutes without my prompting.

"Keep writing other projects," my fellow writers urge.  "Keep your creativity flowing," they say.  My creative powers are knee-deep in Mississippi mud, thank you very much.  I really hate how my preoccupied brain gets bogged down with wondering about an editor's response to my work.  Will they like it?  Will they want to see more?  Will I win the essay contest?  Can I even hope to receive as much as an Honorable Mention or will they understand my twisted sense of humor at all?

Only God knows...

I suppose my fellow writers are correct.  I need to jump back in the saddle and continue on with my writing.  I need to train myself to consider the work in God's hands as soon as I hit the Send button.  Besides, what if they really DO like my story and they want to see beyond the 3rd chapter???

Uh-oh, there's panic again.  Maybe I'd better get busy:)

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