Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Joy of Cooking

Some things in life just make my heart sing; those unique, precious moments with my husband, or the witty, unrehearsed laughter with my children. 
I feel my heart sing at times when I'm alone, as well.  When I'm able to catch a few minutes of solitude to hear my own heart beat, to hear God's voice or to simply enjoy some of the pleasures of life.
I'm talking about the pleasure I find in gardening, in writing and in cooking; all of which involve self-expression.  They can be done alone and don't require the input of anyone else's creativity.  I can throw in a dash of red in an all-white flower bed, or an extra adjective in a sentence or even a little wine to a sauce, and it's great fun!
I love experimenting with cooking - but it wasn't always that way.  I thank God for giving me a husband who graciously consumes every creation I put before him; even in the early, deep-fried days of our marriage. 
I came from a family who loved to fry and had no issues with butter, either.  Eggs were cracked in a pool of oil, then my mom would flip the oil over the top to cook the yolk for "sunny-side up," OR they'd sit there and suffer for several minutes, getting flipped and tossed about until they could practically bounce right out of the pan for "over hard."
Now it's a different story.  Thanks to the Food Network and the endless supply of tried-and-true recipes found on the internet, even I can cook!
I've learned not to be afraid or intimidated by a recipe or the desire to change it.  It's not like Martha Stewart is going to come at me with a Santuko knife and demand that I do it her way!  Cooking is one of those open-ended pleasures I don't think will ever become stale because there's always going to be a new recipe to try, a new method, and a new kitchen gadget I just have to have!

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