Friday, March 12, 2010

I'll Take It!

My heart goes out to the parents of teens.  Plain and simple.  Whether you have a "good kid," or one who brings constant heartache and turmoil to your home, the pressures and temptations that surround our high-schoolers these days are enormous.  Many kids who began kindergarten with my son, now a senior in high school, have given in to evil desires by turning to drugs, violence and promiscuity.

I've been grateful for the bond of friendships both my children have made through their involvement with the school band.  Yes, I have to admit, we're a band geek family.  Granted, band is not without its problems, but it has given the kids involved a core group all working toward a common goal and purpose.

I've had my teary-eyed moments of pride watching my kids on the marching field or participating in their rehearsed and impromptu performances.  But yesterday, my heart swelled with happiness and pride once again over a very simple thing.

My son and his two best buddies (a.k.a. The Three Stooges), all piled into my kitchen to make lunch.  Now, this is my newly-remodeled kitchen with the granite counters and stainless steel appliances - the ones I meticulously clean each day.  I took a deep breath at my son's announcement of the three of them creating breakfast burritos in my little domain.  Afterall, the kitchen is "command central" in our house. I don't hand over the reins to just anyone.

So, I hung around for several minutes before returning back to work from my lunch break.  But before I left, I found myself actually laughing at the run-away raw egg left to roll across the counter and splat on the floor.  I admired their resourcefulness as they mushed up tater tots and called them hash browns.  And it's amazing we didn't have a kitchen fire as the other boy vowed to cook the bacon until it turned black and crispy (and smoking!).  And I watched as, for some reason, little pats of butter went into every pan to "add flavor."  I just shook my head, begged them not to burn the house down and figured I'd clean up whatever mess I found when I returned home.

As I left, I realized how blessed I am.  The boys coming over to cook lunch in my kitchen was definitely something I could handle.  And, I was pleasantly surprised that my son cleaned up their mess before I got home.

Thank you, God!

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