Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A little discouraging

So, I write.  I rewrite.  I move things around and tweak here and there.  Then finally, after weeks, even months of staring at the same article, I take a deep breath and hit the "send" button.

That's when the agony starts.  I check my email every hour on the hour in hopes of placing well in the contest I've entered.  I spend 2 solid months hoping the judges will "get" my sometimes twisted sense of humor and at least toss me an honorable mention when all is said done.

Finally, the results are in!  I click the link with bated breath.  There, in a bright red congratulatory font the winners names are spelled out.  Below it, those receiving an honorable mention.

I don't see my name!  How can this be?  There has to be some mistake.  The 3 people who read my article were nearly rolling on the floor with hysteria!  Don't those judges know an entertaining read when they see one?

With trepidation, I run my cursor over the name of the actual winner, and in an instant I see why she won.  Her essay is pure genious, I sigh and shake my head.  She deserves to win with writing like that.

So, I spend the rest of the day licking my wounds and search through my works in progress for the most promising.  And once again, I'll write.  And write some more.  I'll move things around and do a fair share of tweaking here and there.  Then, I'll take another deep breath and hit the "send" button.

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  1. Hi, I'm a long time friend of Martha's... who sent you an encouraging word! Thought I'd add to it!
    Keep on writing! (It is it's own reward actually!;-)
    I too love to write and I rewrite...! I've not yet got hooked sending off to contests but I do send out a bulk mailer to friends that I named Rwrite!('cause I guess I think my writing is alright?!) And I too (can't!)wait for replies. Sometimes 2 or 3 actually do...

    So anyway, I can soooo identify. Although I say to myself I don't need any feed back(and say stuff like "...writing is it's own reward"!;-), why is it that I can't wait to get back to the computer to check for someadat feedback after I've hit that send button?!!

    I like your style... you are wright though, there is so much compitition out there how is it that one gets "noticed". It IS all in God's hands... after all, you are Writin' 4 Him.


    Some day I'll have to get "blogged down" too. Oh wait, you said your writng sometimes gets bogged down. Oh. yeah...!



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