Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Life Well Lived

1913 - that's the year she was born.  What a life; to have experienced the '20's, the Great Depression, the birth of rock and roll, the era of television, microwave ovens, mood rings, earrings, dishwashers, computers, and movie theaters.

I think of the many, many Thanksgiving meals her hands have prepared and the countless shirts she's ironed for her husband.  How many times has she vaccuumed the same living room carpet or sat with her neighbor at the kitchen table and laughed over a few cups of coffee?  I think of her weathered hands searching through her Bible for her favorite scripture relying on God's strength and comfort in every season of her life.  It was her dish that was the most sought after at every pot luck gathering, and the beautiful fresh flowers that graced the altar each Sunday morning were hand-picked from her garden.  She gave tirelessly to her husband, her church and its people always giving of herself.

All the joys, the victories, the tears and struggles she's endured over the years; and all with unmeasurable grace.  What an awesome example she is for those of us still in the midst of life with many years of trials and triumphs ahead of us.

She's now face-to-face with Christ after 98 years of serving him.  I can only hope to be a fraction of the kind of Christian woman she was.  She will be deeply missed, but dearly admired for years to come.

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