Thursday, May 13, 2010

Drive-By Gardening

Sometimes I just don't have an hour or FOUR to play outside:(  Life gets in the way and I work 4 days a week.  BUT, I have found that taking just a few minutes to plug into my outdoor space is just enough to energize me....for a little while, anyway.

"Let's go feed the fishes," I told Willy this morning.  He's the mini-dachshund that came into my life about 2 years ago and I haven't been the same since.

So, on our way out to "feed the fishes," I paused to push the button on my outdoor stereo, previously set to my favorite classical channel.  I took a sip of coffee and noticed the impatiens looked a little droopy on the patio table, so I gave them a good drink.  In the garden I grabbed my red dead-heading bucket and a pair of clippers and tidied up the spent blooms from 4 rose bushes and a foxglove before grabbing the hose to water the 5 large hydrangeas in containers across the back of the yard.

It only took a few minutes to hit all the high points, but the brief musical interlude set my mood for the day as did the perfect cup of coffee.

It's always so nice to begin the day in the garden.

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