Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Plant Your Heart in the Garden

I just wanted to stop by and mention that this year's community garden tour was great.....well, sort of

If I might exercise my right to speak freely, may I just elaborate by saying that for me the term "garden tour" evokes visions of the proud gardener/homeowner greeting visitors with a smile and maybe a blister or two.  Perhaps with a little dirt beneath the fingernails, they usher you into the private space they've lovingly tended; the patch of dirt that bears blood, sweat and tears, as well as the results of hours bent in the sun cultivating and creating. 

The garden should reflect the gardener who sets out with determination
to grow her creativity in the fertile soil. 

Likewise, while I appreciate all the beautiful homes on this year's community tour, I longed for the handprint of the gardener, if you will.  I looked for personality.  I looked for heart (and found it in one sweet, humble garden full of well-tended raised beds).

Granted, gardening DOES take time and effort; something of which many of us struggle to acquire.  However, when we choose to hire outside sources, we miss out on the true essence of owning a "garden".

You can't put a price on the satisfaction that comes with mowing the lawn, turning the compost pit, deadheading the roses, creating complimenting color combinations, or harvesting a garden full of vegetables or finding an innovative way to bring birds and other wildlife to your space.

I try to encourage people to plant what's unique.  Plant what you love and use it in an interesting, new way.

I've heard it said that if a root ball fits in a container, it's a container plant.  So, plant a container garden. 
Plant a kitchen herb garden.  Plant a memory garden or a sanctuary garden.  Why not an all-purple garden?  Or a white garden?  Above all, plant your heart in the garden!

God designed each of us with unlimited imagination, so why not use that gift to bless Him right back?  Give the glory to God by planting and creating beautiful spaces.

The Lord will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a
sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame.
You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring
whose waters never fail.
(Isaiah 58:11)

(The beautiful rose pictured above is "Flower Girl."  She lounges freely, taking up an entire corner of the garden.  Thank you to my daughter, Elise, for taking such a great picture for me.)

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