Thursday, May 27, 2010

When Opportunity Knocks!

“Will that be all, Madame’?”

“Yes, thank you. I-I mean ‘merci beaucoup’.”

The woman smiled and disappeared behind the door leaving me in awkward stillness.

I stood with legs locked in the center of the room fearing any sudden movement may shake me out of my dream, and I’d find myself back in California.

“My Lord in Heaven. I can’t believe I’m really here,” I muttered letting my purse drop to the chair. Fatigued and trembling from my 11-hour plane ride, I anticipated the view from my 16-story window, excited about my first glimpse of a foreign city. The glass stretched from floor to ceiling offering a bird’s-eye view of the entire Paris skyline. My breath stilled in my throat and my eyes filled with tears. I couldn’t consume it all fast enough.

I watched people below on the sidewalk, bundled in heavy coats and scarves, rushing around like little ants beneath umbrellas; some darting through the busy streets zipping between quick little cars the size of dishwashers! Across the way lie the metro track, and beyond that structures in various forms of architecture sat half-hidden in a shroud of low clouds.

No, this isn’t the beginning of some fiction novel – the “protagonist” isn’t going to jump from that 16th-story window, nor will there be any mysterious package left outside her door….hmm, good idea, though…..

This is about my first-hand experience with stepping way outside of my realm of possibilities and saying “yes” to my husband’s offer to fly all by myself and meet him in a place completely foreign to me.

Having grown up in a mountain community with dogs, horses and small-town ways, finding myself staring from the window of a Paris Marriott was only something I’d read about.

Was it a little scary?

Of course.

Am I glad I took the trip?


Would I do it again?

Consider me packed and ready to go!

We never know what God has planned for us. Sometimes the greatest blessings are presented to us but we allow fear to hold us back and we miss out.

If I’d have given in to fear back in December 2008, I would have missed out on 4-5 wonderful days alone with my husband in Paris celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary! That trip has taught me to not be so reluctant when opportunity knocks…..I just wish it would knock a little more often because I can’t wait to go back!

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