Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blessing of the Day!

Last weekend was a busy one.  After spending all day at the Ventura Book Festival, Sunday was church, lunch out, then a group of 6 of us heading out to the beach for the afternoon.

When I thawed out the tri-tip roast that morning, I wasn't counting on it feeding all 6 hungry mouths, but God was!  All the way back, I fretted and fidgeted wondering if I should throw a few burgers on the grill to be sure "dinner" stretched as far as it needed to.  That was my mistake.  That was me trying to meddle in something God already had under control.

Long story short, God came through once again.  We pulled the roast from it's 2-hour smoking session, and I would argue with anyone that it was actually bigger than when we put it in!  God is amazing in his provision for us.  I thank him for each new day, and I especially love how he works in the details.

I'd love to hear YOUR blessing of the day.  Leave a comment and tell me how the Lord is blessing you!

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