Monday, August 16, 2010

School Daze

Come on in and join me.  Sorry if you caught me a little misty-eyed.

Thirteen years ago today, more or less, I took my little kindergartener by the hand and walked him to the school right around the corner.  He didn’t say much on the way.  He was just so proud of his brand new backpack as he helped me push his little sister in the stroller.

Apparently, his calm, cool and collected exterior was only a façade.  Dropping him off that morning, I had no clue he was about to spend the next 2 hours in the princible’s office wailing away!   To this day, my son remains the poster child all the teachers use to illustrate endurance and stamina – apparently, no other kid has cried louder or longer!  His screams pierced through classrooms 3 halls away distracting students and teachers almost into 2nd period.  Unfortunately, the 2nd day was a carbon copy of the first.

The third day?  Daddy took him…..

And it seems like just yesterday when I gave him a haircut a day or two before 2nd grade.  A novice with the clippers, I held the buzzing thing next to his head as he turned to ask a question.  Zzzip! – nothing but skin! 

No problem.  I just did what all creative moms do, and pulled the brand new chunky brown Crayola marker out of his little backpack and filled in the bare spot!  After all, I’d just bought the supplies for “school,” and the plan was to send him off to 2nd grade…with no bald spots.

This morning, I’m driving him to his first day of college (junior college up the road).  I’m sure he’s dealing with a similar type of “first-day jitters,” but nothing he can’t handle.  The campus is completely foreign to him; certainly not within walking distance.  He’ll have to navigate, ask a lot of questions and figure things out for himself.  I’m not worried.  I know he’ll do fine.

I’m proud of the young man he’s become.  I’ve never had the fears and worries so many other parents of teens face these days.  He’s always made good choices for the most part.  I’m thankful he’s learned to say “yes” to some things, and “no” to others.  The Lord has watched over him and kept him safe.  He’s chosen good friends and good hobbies, still gives good-night hugs to me and my husband and remembers to thank the Lord for every meal.

He has said good-bye this weekend to friends who are going away to college, and in another two weeks there will be a more emotional farewell as a best friend leaves for the Air Force.  I knew this “phase” in life would one day arrive – I just didn’t anticipate we’d fast-forward to this moment.  Perhaps that’s why I write this particular post through bittersweet tears.

Lord Jesus, I ask your special blessing on all the young men and women, those newly-graduated from high school, as they prepare to take all they’ve been taught, all they’ve been given, the lessons they’ve learned, the nurturing and love they’ve received…so that they may explore this next season of life.  I pray for your protection upon them and ask that you guide each one to embrace opportunities you present, and to use discernment when facing difficult decisions.  Love them.  Comfort them.  Protect them.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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  1. Beautiful post Debbie! Where does the time go? Just last week my baby was really a "baby", now she's 13 years old!?



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