Thursday, August 19, 2010

Should or Could?

How well do you handle “hurry”?  Do you go about your day breathless and stressed out trying to accomplish and do?  With all the rushing here, going there and living by the clock, it’s a wonder we’re ever able to appreciate the spontaneous moments not pre-ordained by a calendar or email reminder.

Our Women’s Ministry group had a luncheon a couple years ago, and something our guest speaker said stuck with me all this time.  She pointed out something we can all do to relieve some of the stress we feel at the end of the day when we may or may not have crossed off all the items from our to-do list. 

To start, think of all the things you “should” have done this morning.  I know – guilt, guilt, guilt.  Maybe you should have set the alarm 30 minutes earlier, or you should have called that person you’ve wanted to reconnect with, or maybe you should have thawed out something for dinner tonight.

The stress comes into play with the word “should” because it implies we’ve fallen down on the job; haven’t quite lived up to what’s expected of us.

So…regain that control by replacing “should” with “could”.  Isn’t that awesome?   If you say you “could” have done this or that, it implies that you had the choice!  You knowingly chose one over the other, and you relieve yourself of the stress associated with “should.”

I so appreciate the ministry of Sam Kauffman (A Servant’s Heart Ministry) and the valuable tools that have resonated with me all this time.  Find out more about Sam’s unique ministry at . 

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