Friday, August 6, 2010


What is it about my husband leaving town that ignites this independent, "I am woman!" instinct?  Each time he heads away for a week, a few days, whatever, I fight this overwhelming desire to do something to "surprise" him.  This started years ago when the kids were really young and he had to leave for a 2-week business trip.  "Really?  Two whole weeks?"  I thought.....hmmmm, what could I get into/accomplish in 2 weeks.....all by myself.  Aha!  That's it!  Paint the kitchen cabinets and wallpaper the whole room!

Two years ago, it was "Surprise!  I bought a new puppy - for me!"  Last year, I drove around for a whole week with a huge pond insert in the back of my van anticipating the freedom to set the thing up the way I wanted to.   Maybe that's it - the freedom to do stuff without the voice of rationality within ear shot.

This year, however as the tail lights head down the road, I have no plan.  No surprise up my sleeve.  No big thing I feel an overwhelming desire to run out and purchase.  So, what's wrong with me?

I think I must be getting old because I really just want to clean up and spiff up what I already have.  I want to clean up the garden, mow the lawn, pull some weeds, clean bathrooms, stuff like that.  Sounds boring, huh?  Maybe my big surprise can be to finish one of my writing projects.  Probably not half as exciting as a new puppy, but pretty darn rewarding nonetheless!  Hmmm, I wonder what I could get in/accomplish this time?

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