Saturday, September 25, 2010

"All Who Are Thirsty..."

My poor, sleep-deprived brain has been sitting in idle mode for the past 3 days. Seriously, I haven’t slept – I’ve coughed instead. Not just a simple a-hem and we’re all done. No, it’s a cough with attitude; the kind that flips you inside out and turns your face the shade of a ripe pomegranate! It waits until I’m in the frozen food aisle of the grocery store and sneaks up quietly to tickle the back of my throat. Of course, I’ve no other alternative but to rip open the glass doors and bury my cough in bags of frozen peas and carrots!
This stagnant-brain phase has rendered me pretty useless, plunging me knee-deep in a slimy puddle of writer’s block! I can barely write my own name these days, let alone muster up something witty and wonderful! My book projects are collecting dust bunnies, and the article ideas have stopped flowing.
I’ve tried jumpstarting my creative energy with coffee, and lots of it! I’ve tried chocolate, aromatherapy, laundry, even dog licks…nothing! It’s really frustrating.
OR…it could be that I’m standing dangerously close to the jagged edge of that deep-dark valley known as Menopause. Hey, that’s it!! That’s where my active brain cells have gone. After all, we’re now officially into “fall.” I just hope I’m not about to fall into a vat of hot flashes, cold sweats, more elaborate mood swings, random bouts of emotion and weird food ravings. I’ve heard crazy stories about that old Mizz Menopause. She’s the reason my motivation well has run dry! It’s all her fault. I wonder what else I can blame on her? Hmmm.
It’s hard to imagine that God would ordain such a season; a clear-cut, defining point as we transition from one phase of life to another. But he has. I have to trust and believe that he ordains it all, the highs and lows, the pain and the joy.

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.
(Romans 12:12) NIV)

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