Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Hummingbird In The Dark

Our High School football game last night was awesome. We won, thanks to some amazing plays and a beautiful touchdown. The big guy with the ball (forgive my lack of technical terms) caught the thing in mid air and raced it from one end of the field clear to the other! There was a quick, collective gasp throughout the stadium, then people in the stands bolted to their feet with voices raised and hands waving; cheering and screaming! It was a beautiful thing. The music pounded excitement throughout, and I think even the opposition couldn’t help but be slightly amazed.

I thought about how incredible that kid must have felt having a couple thousand people on their feet cheering him on, having full confidence in what he was doing as he raced toward the end zone (aha – a real, live football term).

I wonder how he feels this morning as the memory of last night’s game replays again and again in his mind.

I think that sometimes we feel like a team of one when we’re in the middle of our game. The end zone seems so far off and out of reach. We’re certain no one sees our efforts or our sacrifice. They don’t know our anguish, our frustrations or our pain. And we definitely don’t hear the supportive crowd believing in us or understanding how desperately we desire to reach that goal.

But they’re there.

Like the football player, you, too must continue on. You have to keep going, believing, striving and running toward the end zone. Even when you’re out of breath and ready to give in, you can’t let exhaustion overpower you. You might be physically and mentally spent, but just when you begin to stumble, look to the stands and you’ll see them - the angels! And they’re on their feet cheering and calling your name!

"You can do it! We’re with you to the end!"

You’re in this game for a reason. You’re not watching from the sidelines. God put you in the game because with Him, you’ve already won.

As I write this post, the sun has not yet shed its light on the morning. It’s very early but something out the window catches my eye and there, just above my fuchsia plant is a tiny hummingbird. It’s nearly dark out, but she doesn’t care – she has work to do, so she flutters her wings and continues on – a team of one.


  1. This was for me. I actually wrote about my discouraging week in today's post. I write too, and I have been hammered by atheist all this week. It's been painful, but I have finally found rest, and I think you just encouraged me to continue a little harder alo. Thankyou my friend

  2. Just found your blog and love it, Debbie!

    I can relate to this post. We used to love attending the football games at my high school and did so long after I graduated.

    This reminds me of the verse that says, "we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses". (Hebrews 12:1)

    We are not alone!

    I'd like to invite you to drop by my blog sometime. She Fancied Herself a Writer

  3. Fantastic entry. Just what I needed after the past week of ups and downs. Thanks for sharing this timely post!



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