Thursday, October 14, 2010

Touching Up the Roots

It’s that time again. I’ve put it off a couple weeks, but now that there’s quite a bit more “salt” added to my “pepper,” especially at the temples, it’s time to treat my roots before I cross that fine line from sophisticated to outright haggard looking.If you think I’m going to turn this into a God-thing, you’re absolutely right. Besides, I feel a confession coming on….Last week, the Lord revealed that I’d been neglecting the roots of an important relationship. As difficult as it was to accept, there was no one else to blame but the gal in the mirror (yes, the one on the brink of haggard with all that gray showing).
After the initial sting of guilt subsided, I went to prayer. After all, only a loving, forgiving, merciful God could take the mess I’d made of things and show me how to make it right.
I’d been so caught up in marking items off of my mental to-do list that I’d managed to bury the hurt and disappointment I’d created beneath a pile of gotta-dos, gotta-hurries, and laters.
I love that God cares so deeply about our relationships, and He seems to give our requests concerning them immediate attention. All we have to do is ask.
He is so good!

Heavenly Father,
I pray and ask that you would come into the homes of each person who reads this message today and pour your spirit upon them. Touch up the roots of damaged relationships with your love and understanding. Bring about reconciliation and forgiveness and in so doing, may each one find renewed strength, appreciation and love.
In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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