Sunday, November 14, 2010

Glimpsing Heaven

We walked, bundled against an icy breeze, through a maze of coats, scarves and tiny, honking cars.
The frigid air pierced through layers of wool and excitement but couldn’t hinder the awe and romance of a few precious days in paradise with my husband.

The grand Eiffel Tower stood half shrouded in a low fog that illuminated the glow of Christmas lights below.

There was no plan. No itinerary. We wandered and strolled beyond the bustling crowd and found ourselves deep in art and history, nose-to-nose with musical brilliance.

Once inside, the faint hum of applauses offered for past performances rehearsed and enjoyed hung thick in pristine marble halls.
How does one take in such grandeur with the human eye?

We came upon a series of doors each with tiny round windows covered in velvet blocking a spectator’s view of a private rehearsal. We stood tip-toed with noses pressed to glass, and ears reaching hard through the barrier.

And there, through the parted curtains, a peek into another world - one meant for a more sophisticated, well-dressed audience later that evening. Yet, God somehow granted us a private showing at that moment on that freezing December afternoon a million miles away from all that was home to us.

Another reminder that we've only glimpsed the Heaven that awaits us in the pleasures and joys experienced here on Earth.
We've merely been given a taste of what lies just beyond the door.

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