Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Power Source

I didn’t want him to go out for a bike ride so close to dinner - so close to dark. The possibilities of all that could happen nearly paralyzed me. A couple teenagers riding across town in the bike lane during 5 o’clock traffic posed too many what ifs for me. But he’s 18 now, I reminded myself; an avid hiker and a total outdoorsy-type guy. Still, I suppose I’d opened the door to my “mom worry” and allowed the knot to form in my stomach…again. I have total confidence in my son, but not in the merriment of holiday drivers.

That’s when it flashed before me; that spark of a moment I could almost reach out and grasp. The Lord reminded me of the simple task of cleaning up the Christmas from our front yard earlier in the day and unplugging the many strands of lights and outdoor decorations from the power strip. As I did, I happened to consider how each light strand, each decoration couldn’t possibly illuminate until it was plugged in to a true power source. Relying on its own abilities produced feeble results. There was nothing God-glorifying or beautiful about the many elements strewn about the lawn…until they were plugged in.

In essence, I needed to plug into the right power source; not by trusting my own dusty faith that sometimes wavers with fear and doubt, but a solid faith in the giver of life, the One who waits patiently for me to turn from my own abilities and let His strength and His power illuminate from within. I needed the only source of power I know who relieves me of the overwhelming fear and worry that so often holds me steadfast, powerless and weak.

So, I prayed for the moment. Prayed for His perfect protection over my son and prayed for strength to release all that inhibits me from opening my arms wide enough to give flight to the chains that bind and grip me.

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.”

(2 Timothy 1:7) NLT

Lord Jesus,

You and only you have the sustaining power that equips us to move forward. I pray each person who reads this will realize the power they have in you to overcome the fears that hinder both our spiritual journey and our day-to-day choices. Strengthen, motivate and encourage all who seek it. In Jesus’ name.



  1. Love it...the ultimate power source...that is what our God is!

  2. My kids still aren't allowed in the front yard alone, so the idea of them riding bikes across town definably strikes up fear in me! But you are so right... He is THE source to overcome, to endure and to not live in fear.I love how He shows up in our everyday life, like taking down the lights, to speak to us!

  3. What a great analogy! Plugging into the power source. I love that...Without that we would be awefully dull and boring! Sometimes sin keeps me from pluggin in. I pray I will plug into that powersource, the power that raised Jesus from the grave, everyday, no matter what! Great post!!:)

  4. Boy if that isn't true! We can allow that fear to blind us from our one true hope sometimes. I'm having a blog hop this week if you'd like to join :) Have a great day!

    In Him,
    Mel at : Trailing After God

  5. God is our ultimate source of power. We can't do much, if anything, on our own. But when we plug into the Source, we can do all things through His strength. I want to stay plugged in. :)
    Thanks for this post.

  6. Amen! Thank you.

    Thank you so much for following Ordinary Inspirations. http://www.ordinaryinspirations.blogspot.com


  7. Sweet Debbie, what a wonderful illustration of how much we NEED the "power source" every minute of every day. I'm 62 and my children are grown with children of their own now, but I can remember that apprehension I would feel as a mother when I knew it was time to allow them to "fly a little further." :) You are such an inspiration, thank you! :) Kathy

  8. Debbie...love this post..I too have grown children and at times I want to step in, but that's when I remember that they are God's children first and I have to hand them back to their father and let him take them and have the Faith to know he doesn't need me to take over..I am your newest follower..Thank you for your words.



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