Monday, February 14, 2011

Reasons to Shine

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It’s now, at the third chapter of Ann Voskamp’s book, “One Thousand Gifts,” that I’m prompted to begin my own list of blessings.

My mental list quickly fills with the vast range of all that’s claimed little pieces of my heart along this journey.

This life gifted me.

I’m thankful for the prompting to record such a thing, evidencing and acknowledging all that makes my heart sing.

Already, I’ve found how difficult it is to write words of thanks without joy bubbling up from within.

I’ve found just this past week as the Lord has been growing me, working in me as I’ve been encouraged, hopeful only to let the enemy answer my faith with whispered words of negativity. He’s built road blocks in my thinking and tried to steal joy that wasn’t his – joy planted by the hands of God.

But I’ve reclaimed the joy repeating “My God is greater…my God is greater…my God is greater…” Over and over the words flowed with the smile getting bigger, louder and a heart swelling happier with the praise. The words breathe joy in the waiting.

I uncover the blessing in the hope itself.

It’s the hope that moves dreams forward and fills a heart with thanks for the ones already received like an open box with ribbons tossed.

Won’t you join me in sharing from your list of one thousand gifts - one thousand reasons to shine?

#13 – Home

#20 – Holding my husband’s hand

#21 – Seeing my children smile

#37 – The smell of the ocean

#38 – Candlelight


  1. Hello, I found your blog through a visit and mention from Eve. Nice to "meet" you, another fellow writer! I blogged about my writing journey and like you, I write just about 24/7 it seems like. It's been on my mind a lot lately as the Lord is leading me to take some very bold steps of faith. I enjoyed your post's the 2nd time today that the Lord spoke to me about "joy". I needed to hear it. Thanks so much! I look forward to following you!

  2. I have to really fight those "whispered words of negativity". Because Satan does know his time is short, very short.
    I'm thankful for "new growth" God's Word......after a long winter to see "new growth" all over the place. To see God's glory in each flower, each petal, each creature:)

  3. Thank you for another wonderful post..I have been finding to that the enemy wants to take all my joy..he wants me to believe that I won't be used for God's Glory but I know that the Lord has big plans for my life and I WON'T let the enemy take that joy from me..

    Many blessings..Sherry

  4. Love the 'my God is greater.' chant!

  5. Yes, if we go looking for the joy "we" want there will undoubtedly be disappointment... His joy looks, tastes and feels different and the best part is that it lasts forever :)Blessings!

  6. What a great way to fight off the enemy! My God is so much greater than whatever stone the evil one rares back to throw. Another wonderful post sweet friend! Happy Valentines Day!



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