Monday, March 21, 2011

No Limits!

He determines the number of the stars

And calls them each by name.

Great is our Lord and mighty in power;

His understanding has no limit.

The Lord sustains the humble

But casts the wicked to the ground.

(Psalm 147:4-6) NIV

The fire dances to the song of rain on the roof, and my soul settles. I welcome the peace and calm in knowing that “his understanding has no limit,” not just today – not just now, but forever.

Freesia in the Rainphoto © 2008 John Morgan | more info (via: Wylio)

The same One who numbered the stars and brings the rain knows all about what you’re going through. He knows the worry, the pain, the fear, even the contentment that fills your thoughts. He sees the road up ahead; all the sudden twists and turns, and he’s already figured out how to bless you. How to sustain you. How to be your comfort and strength.

He knows how your week is filling up one calendar square at a time, and He’s there ready to fill in the gaps, to stretch you and somehow make it all come together. Then, like all the other days, you’ll find rest. When your day of running against the clock and meeting demands and obligations comes to a close, He’s still there.

Laundry Dayphoto © 2008 Renee | more info (via: Wylio)
I try to remember that as I throw in one more load of laundry only to find yet another random sock hiding under the coffee table. There’s bread crumbs and smears of mustard on the counter, and a bathroom trash can heaping full, a couple hungry dogs and what’s that smell when I open the fridge? And there’s shoes blocking the stairway and I read the words “clean me” written across a dusty table…and I sigh...and smile. His understanding has no limit.


  1. Amen! So very thankful that He is always there.

  2. This is gorgeous Debbie! How wonderful to know God stands in our yesterday, our today, and knows all about tomorrow! This so encourages me today. Keeping our eyes focused on Jesus reaps great benefits and allows Him to bless us the way He so desires to do. Your fridge smells too? I am thankful today that I have a fridge with food in it even if there is an odd odor. I'm also thankful that I have people in my life to pick up after even though they know where to put dirty laundry...just saying!!:)

  3. Thank God that His understanding is limitless!

  4. I could tell you of countless times when I didn't know where I was headed or why certain things have happened. But then as I look back, I can see His hand all over them. He always has our best interests at heart and is always right ahead of us, right behind us, and holding us in the palm of His hand. I'm so thankful for that. :)



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