Thursday, June 19, 2014

It's All Come to This...Once Again

'Trumpet Macro' photo (c) 2010, Jamesongravity - license:

I promised him I wouldn't cry.
I lied.
What’s a mom to do when it’s her boy now a man heading out to fulfill a dream?
All the years of school band concerts and me straining to see the little spiky-haired boy behind the music stand; the shortest but loudest trumpet of all and never missing a note…it’s all come down to this.
Cody in high school marching band 2009

All the solos, the starched white shirts and black pants, the Christmas concerts, spring concerts, jazz concerts, playing Sundays in church, for parades, funerals, rest  homes and Veteran’s Day…all right next to his dad, the best teacher of all; the one who’s nurtured the love of music that now burns a passion all its own.
It’s come to this.

Cody and his Louis Armstrong Award, 2010

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6) ESV
His bags are packed. The air is thick with anticipation.
The tarnished yard-sale trumpet will remain in its case for now, though it’s served him well over the years – the years that mattered most when all the learning, growing, building and becoming quietly occurred.

It will be a newer, shinier horn that accompanies him for the summer tour; one that will better reflect the stadium lights when he takes the field….one that will reflect the tears of joy and love from the proudest parents in the stands.

We love you, Cody and we're so proud of you!
Woo-Hoo!!!! Look out, drum corps! Here comes another Dillon!!!

Cody front and center marching with Pacific Crest, 2013

It's a whole new season, a whole new show and whole new excitement!


  1. As a former band geek, I'm very excited for him!

    Blessings from Ohio . . .

  2. I feel your pain, Debbie. After 12 years of piano recitals and contests and the sheer joy of listening to Mandy practice everyday, it was tough to think of her spreading that joy on a college campus rather than in our home. I'm guessing more opportunities to drink in his talent are waiting. Each one will be even more precious. Congratulations on seeing him through. Your support made the difference :) God Bless.

  3. Congratulations on a job well done and time to enjoy it.

  4. And another exciting summer begins for Cody. I know you'll miss him, though. You might need to grab a trumpet and uniform and be a stow away ;)



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