Wednesday, July 3, 2013

His Light in My Darkness

'Morning in Wonderland' photo (c) 2011, Hartwig HKD - license:

Those voices in the dark seem to scream the loudest in the silence just before dawn.
I awoke before my alarm clock this morning already feeling beaten and overwhelmed. All the stuff that needs my attention.  All the fears and concerns, the negative jabs!  All the tasks begun and waiting to be finished. All the work and effort involved in removing the “weeds” from my life. They ALL came tumbling down, one by exhausting one!
I tried to shake it all away, tried to remember my little motto: “go to prayer – don’t go to worry,” but it’s not easy when it’s just you, wide-eyed in the dark and in the quiet.
Anyone who is among the living has hope.
(Ecclesiastes 9:4)

'Sunshine through the leaves' photo (c) 2007, Emorelia Photography - license:
But it’s not just me there in the dark.
The Lord is there – even in the silence patiently watching and waiting, bearing the weight of my burdens until I realize they aren’t mine to carry.  
I rose with a heavy sigh feeling defeated, deflated and spent.
Oh, the enemy takes advantage of our sleepy state, doesn’t he? He’s a coward who invades our thoughts and pounces on our faith when we least expect it.
I pray you will have the strength to stand up to him in the dark and silent places, my friend. Please remember that God’s presence is the bright spot in that darkness.
It’s His Word that stands tall and strong even when we can’t, and it’s
His Word that will cast out the darkness and bathe you in the light

of His love!
May Blessings,

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  1. Debbie! Oh! What a beautiful post today! Thankyou so much for that scripture, Eccl. 9:4! You don't know how encouraging it is to know of our mentors, the ones we latch onto for a word, to know they sometimes have struggles just like us! You know I just love anything you do!



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