Monday, July 22, 2013

Leave Room for God

Just sharing a thought that's been on my heart the past couple of days. It's so simple but it makes perfect sense as I work and strive and obsess about accomplishing and doing so many different things in my life. It hit me in the world can I expect to see the hand of God in my life if I'm cluttering it all up with my own futile efforts?
I'm not suggesting sitting back and doing nothing when it comes to moving forward or rectifying a situation. But simply...a decision to take care of what He's put before me as I'm able, and stop spinning my wheels trying to take care of what is just out of reach. He's got it covered. He's got ME covered and He's certainly got YOU covered, too.
Today, I'm stepping back and giving Him the reins. My ears are alert to His voice. My hands and heart are ready to take on whatever task He puts before me. My past, present and future are His!
Praise God!


  1. Great reminder... Sometimes we put so much effort into those things that are just outside our reach that we neglect giving proper attention to what God HAS placed in our hands, and trusting firmly in His desire and ability to lead us through the rest.

    Well said!

  2. Debbie: This is so true. I had a taste of that very thing the end of last week. I could have stepped in and completed a task for our drama troupe. The director wound up in the hospital on Thursday and we were supposed to present the drama on Sunday in two worship services. I decided to postpone the drama until the director was feeling better. This was her first time directing a play. The head of our drama ministry said I made the right choice. I prayed about it and asked a few others to pray also.

  3. The perfect thought this morning as I'm sitting at my desk crowded with so many options this morning. Seeking His plan for my day needs to be at the top of the list. Thanks, Debbie :)



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