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Sharing CW Voice

You know….I’ve always loved magazines, and publishing my own is truly a labor of love. When I was young and growing up in the mountains with horses, I saved my money to buy every copy of Western Horseman I could find. Later in life, it was Victoria Magazine. I could not get enough of Victoria – I’d read it cover to cover again and again.

I especially loved the way it made me feel. Looking through it invited a sense of calm in my day as I’d sit with a cup of coffee and soak in all the articles, beautiful photos, travel destinations, the recipes and decorating styles. (I had no idea back then that I would actually be published in it one day! “I Remember Paris” appeared in the July/August 2011 issue).

I think, subconsciously, that’s what I hope to accomplish with CW Voice. It’s a Christian magazine and quite honestly, flipping through and reading the variety of articles and features, it almost feels like a friendly get-together with a bunch of ladies over coffee. Each contributor shares her heart, her experiences and her faith with the reader. I believe that’s what we’re called to do as Christian women. To gather and share what the Lord has done or is doing in our lives so that we may encourage others in their spiritual walk.

I love that our magazine speaks to women of ALL ages; from the young wife, the busy mom, the homeschooler, the empty nester and the grandmother. There truly is something for every heart in each issue.

This one is especially wonderful:

We’ve included a 30-Day Goal Challenge, a running worksheet for you to fill out in an effort to help you identify your dreams and goals and start working towards them. The 30-day challenge doesn't imply that you will have met your goal within that amount of time. It’s simply a tool to get the ball rolling and allows an opportunity to document your progress.

·       In an article shared by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine’s “The Amish: Simplicity and Satisfaction Personified,” you’ll get a glimpse of the Amish lifestyle and also a recipe for Funnel Cakes.

·         Our Frugal Living expert, Kim Wolf, shares some incredible tips and recipes for making your own household products.

·         Lisa Phelps talks about “Finding God in the Stillness” and how His voice speaks through all the negative thoughts and confusion when we’re in the middle of our storm.

·         Kelli Zaniel shares “I Remember,” recalling times when we might feel God is far off and distant.

·         Guest Contributor, Dr. Rita Hancock, shares practical, Biblical tips for making the right food choices during the holidays.

·         Robin Prater shares “When Did You Notice?” which encourages us all to go outside of our comfort zone to befriend someone and share the love of Jesus…before it’s too late.

·         We’re sharing a great house-cleaning schedule from a wonderful web site:

·         Pamela Johnson talks about “The Battles Within” and how the love of God can break through any stronghold.

·         Nancy Sullivan honors the legacy of her precious mother who recently passed away in “The Flame of Hope”.

·         You’ll find delicious ways to make the most out of your vegetable garden with wonderful harvest recipes “From Tami’s Kitchen”.

·         13-year-old Lauren Lee is passionate about the rescue of dogs – check out her article regarding “National Mill Dog Rescue”.

·         Kimberly Lomont helps put the garden to bed after the long growing season in “Tips and the Potter’s Voice”.

·         Heidi Avery talks about the real and honest motivation behind our prayers in “Before I Utter One Word”.

·         Fitness Expert, Bethany Learn, answers your health and fitness questions in “Q & A with Bethany”.

·         Kimberly Guzzi talks about how we, as women, often set ourselves up for failure or discouragement in “Soar on Wings Like Eagles”. She also offers some great savings tips for back-to-school.

·         Custom Baker, Tea Aficionado and owner/operator of “Royal Tea Scones,” Joy Whipple, is our Entrepreneurial Focus. See how she turned her passion into profits.

·         Freelance painter and mixed media artist, Alisa Burke shares her “Pretty Painted Pumpkins”- directions and photos for a festive yet contemporary fall craft.

·         Robin Prater reviews Darlene Zschech’s new book, “Revealing Jesus – a 365 Day Devotional” in Robin’s Book Nook.

·         And I’m sharing the next to the last chapter of my fiction saga, “Scattered Hearts”. If you’ve been following this story line, you WON’T want to miss this chapter.

·         And of course, we end the issue with the Prayer of Salvation. We always want to give you an opportunity to give your heart to Jesus and begin a life of freedom in Him. It’s the most important relationship you could ever have.

I do hope you’ll consider subscribing to CW Voice – it also makes the perfect Christmas gift. Visit us at:Christian Women's Voice and order yours today.

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  1. Your magazine is beautiful; I bought and of course am keeping, the first issue.



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