Sunday, November 10, 2013

Great is Thy Faithfulness!

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The voice that draws me to church speaks loud some Sundays. It’s the One behind the voice who knows my deep need to be still before Him in worship. To bring it all and leave it at His feet.

So, I brought the sin; the dirty, ugly reminders that still have me wiping tears… even after all these years. They’ve silenced my praises and stolen moments of joy; moments when I should have reminded myself that sin no longer owns me. Yet there I was heart laid open raw and weak before the cross. Tears streaming as the words of hymns and worship songs chased away the dark.

And then these words…

You’ve. Already. Been. Forgiven.

Why do I do that to myself?
Why does anyone?
Being “born again” means that I’ve been given a life of freedom with Christ because He, the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Creator of all Heaven and Earth has forgiven me! His grace is sufficient! (2 Cor. 12:9) That sin is not mine to take back, so why relive it? I’ve given it over to Jesus and He’s already paid the price!

I brought Him my hurt, too. Pain from the deepest wounds laid open raw and strong. Pain and sadness that can’t be hidden behind strained smiles and “Oh, I’m fine. Thank you for asking.”
Yes, that kind of pain.
I brought it all.

But the tears still come.

Tears of thankfulness for the mercy He has shown to unworthy me.
The unexplainable love. Faithfulness. Grace.
The many, many blessings
            …graciously given to unworthy me.

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