Friday, May 9, 2014

Heart Strings

   I truly believe that God brings people into our lives not by accident, but by His divine appointment. He knows our personalities, our strengths and weaknesses, sees our dark days and knows how one can offer support and much needed encouragement to another. He knows just how to gather and connect His people by everlasting heart strings.
   On the other end of one of those heart strings is my dear friend, Nancy Sullivan. Though we’ve never actually met in person, I’ve come to know this amazing woman of faith through several years of blogging and social media networking, which is just a fancy term for “we’re together on Facebook a lot.”
   Nancy has brought me to tears more times than I can count…but in a good way. She gets right to the heart of me with the sweetest compliments and "atta girls." She has been a strong and consistent support of my every endeavor. Through her comments on my blog posts, cheering me on through self publishing my book and my numerous trials and fails over the past several years….Nancy’s “softer voice” has spoken among the loudest to my heart.
   And now it’s my turn to cast a little light on someone who has brought so much light to my life.

   Nancy has published her first book. Her softer voice is spoken here through devotionals and poems in a beautifully crafted collection. Her sweet words that bring glory and honor to our amazing God are truly a precious gift given from her heart to yours. It’s just become available for order Here and I just know it’s going to bless all who read it. I can't wait to see what God does with this!
   It's also been a pleasure to walk one more journey together, as Nancy is a regular contributor for Christian Women's Voice Magazine!
   Some people just make my heart smile. They're the bright spots in a dark day. They're always there with just the right words sometimes offering a hug from many states away, but they're genuine and real and you know it.
   Much love to you, my friend.

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  1. My goodness, Debbie. What a sweet thing to do! The blessings have been on my end of that heart string. Your faithfulness to God's call has brought each contributor at Christian Women's Voice along on a journey that we could never have imagined. Your quiet confidence and encouragement is powerful and so filled with God's love. Thank you for giving A Softer Voice a place of honor today. I appreciate and love you so much and look forward to that face-to-face meeting that is surely in our future. Blessings and hugs to you. You made today super special!



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