Friday, April 9, 2010

My Quiet Place

Just wanted to share a few images of my favorite room in the house.  If I'm not cooking in the kitchen or out in the garage throwing in yet another load of laundry, I'm out here.  This is my back patio.  You can't hear it now, but there's calming, soothing Feng Shui music playing in the background and beautiful goldenfinches huddled around thistle seed at the feeder. 

This is my sanctuary - my quiet place.  My patio and garden are where I create.  I snip a few spent flowers heads here and fill in a little blank spot over there.  I love it because it's my little space where no one else's input is necessary.  It's my canvas to color as I choose.  I re-charge my batteries and renew my soul in the soil.  I take time to enjoy the many colors and fragrances that intermingle.  And when the slight breeze stirs through the wind chimes, I'm reminded of my grandmother and how she tended her garden, snipping spent flower heads here and filling in blank spots over there.  Perhaps it was those early years in her garden that planted the seeds within me to love and appreciate the life taking place among the roses, the lavender, the sage and iris.  Or maybe it's my need for tranquility.  For solace and peace, to quiet myself enough from the world to listen and enjoy the beauty of God's provision.
I've always thought that the reason flowers grew up, displaying their faces heavenward, was to return their glory to God.  With their healthy, vibrant colors, they put on quite a show for their Creator, bringing such joy to the earth and serenity to the soul.

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