Saturday, July 24, 2010


Here we are again on the brink of another weekend.  How do you plan to spend your free time, if you actually have any?  If you're like me, maybe you start out with good intentions vowing to devote a specified amount of time to normal Saturday obligations before allowing yourself the luxury of doing what you really want.

I suppose life is all about priorities. Because of my work schedule, I rely on my Saturdays to get the house clean and do food prep for the week.  I run errands around town, get whatever shopping out of the way, and spend time with family if we decide to do something together.....doesn't leave much time for writing at the end of the day, does it?  Besides, by then I'm exhausted and any shred of creativity is locked away behind a deep desire to get to bed!

I've realized that if I'm ever going to meet my writing goals that my priorities have to shift.  It's not enough to be "writing in my head" throughout the day if I'm not actually adding to my word count!  I have to make the time, especially on the weekends, to plant my rear in this chair and dive into my story/book/mind-numbing venture.

I'm in awe of series book authors who somehow manage to crank out 30-40+ books over their writing career.  Math isn't my strong point, but that's like a book or two every year!  Wow, now I'm feeling really ridiculous that mine has taken so long!  Does one truly possess 30-40+ DIFFERENT stories in one's brain, and then sit down for an interview to discuss them all appearing calm and composed as if the words just simply rolled from their fingertips with little to no effort???

Didn't they have chores, errands and family time on the weekends too?  What about sick days, vacations, overtime at the office, soccer games and piano recitals?  Perhaps they learned the fine art of living a disciplined author's life early on.  Obviously, they factored in their writing time, and actually added it as a task on their To-Do list.....and stuck to it.

So, that's what I'm going to do.  Today, my goal is to sit down at 4pm and give my full attention to the last few holes that need filling in my story.  If Gladys Lois Leopard can put so many Mandie books in the hands of middle-grade readers, and Debbie Macomber can supply every grocery store, drug store and book store with her many accomplishments, then so can I!  So, 4 o'clock it is! (prayers welcome).
Order my steps in thy word: and let not any iniquity have dominion over me.
Psalm 119: 133

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