Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hiking Trip

Good morning.  Come have a seat and join me - just poured 2 cups of coffee, so you're just in time.
My husband and son are away on their annual week of male bonding in the woods. They’re part of a small group of men, engineers mostly, who enjoy the escape from work and wives to commune with the great outdoors.  It’s their once-a-year opportunity to drive up a 2-lane road, straddling the yellow line at whatever speed they choose, compare “manly” noises around the campfire well into the night and snore the bears away without the nuisance of being jabbed in the ribs and asked, ever so sweetly, to flop over and face the other direction.
I think my guys brought a total of 4 changes of underwear between the two of them.  Not sure what else they stuffed into their packs last minute, but I’d bet you a cup of coffee it wasn’t deodorant!
I have to say the house is much quieter with them gone – well, sort of.  They left me here with my very moody 15 year-old texting machine and her booked up social calendar.
Of course, I miss my men and pray for their safety…but it is rather nice/wonderful to watch an entire TV show without the threat of someone’s trigger-happy finger eager to channel surf between every sentence!
I’ve caught up on some reading, some writing, some cooking, some simple, do-nothing moments where I’m quite content to listen to the rhythm of the hands ticking away on the clock.
Soft jazz and classical music have temporarily replaced the 7:30am trumpet scales that normally blast through the house, force us all awake (like it or not) and send the wild golden finches scrambling Heavenward.
In these precious few days of peace and tranquility, I’ve had time to think.  Time to dream.  Time to hear God’s voice and meditate on His Word.
Do I feel guilty for enjoying the men’s annual hike as much as they are?  Of course not.  God knew how much we all needed to power down for awhile, so He ordained this time for each of us to recharge and renew in our own way.  I’m good with that.

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.

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  1. Another winner! I, too, love those few and far between moments of having the house to myself! I love to crank up the praise music and worship the Lord with abandon!



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