Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ladies Fellowship

Hello there!  I’m so glad to see you.  Please, have a seat and join me.  I’ve had a busy day already, and I could really use this second cup of coffee.

You know, in an email I received the other day from a dear, long-time friend, she reminded me that God gives us what we need WHEN we need it, and I saw for myself this week how true that really is.

Last Monday night, I found myself sitting alone in a restaurant and waiting for ladies to show up for our monthly fellowship time.  Luckily, I’d brought a writer’s magazine along just in case.

I settled in a corner booth, happy for the opportunity to end the day on a happy note chatting with lady friends.  The day had been a long one with an early morning 45-minute drive round trip to drop my son off at the community college.  I hurried back home to do a favor for one of his friends which required sitting through 1 ½ hours of a Cutco Knife presentation! (Urgh!)  Then, there were errands to run, a laundry pile to tackle, a house to clean and dinner to make.  Yep, I was more than ready for some good ol’ fashioned hang-out time with the ladies.

So, there I sat…waiting….and waiting…reading my magazine…..and waiting.

After about 25 minutes of sipping iced tea and staring out the window toward the parking lot, I realized that no one was going to show up.  That’s when the words from Tami’s email came through loud and clear:  “God knows what we need WHEN we need it.”

I had to smile, feeling sort of set up!  God knew the kind of day I’d had, and He was going to make sure I took time out for myself!  He knew that I'd sacrificed out of my day off to help a young man just starting out in his new job.  He knew how I started fretting and worrying about the going-away party in the works for this weekend.  He knew that I’d been eating my meals standing at the kitchen counter instead of taking time to sit and relax.  He knew how long I sat at the station waiting for my car to endure its annual smog test.  He knew my frustration when I didn’t have time to get to all the details of my housecleaning; especially knocking down the cob webs hanging like Christmas garland in the bathroom.  He knows and sees it all, and I’m so glad He does!

God wanted me to schedule our fellowship time – but what He really did was make an open space on the calendar for me to sit, catch up on some great articles and enjoy a ridiculously large slab of chocolate pie!  Woo-Hoo!

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