Friday, October 22, 2010

Spots On the Floor

I definitely have a busy weekend ahead of me. I’ve been sick, so you could say I’ve slipped a bit on the housework. Plus, thanks to our wet weather, I have about two weeks of muddy family mayhem tracked in through every door and all over my floors. Luckily, it’s all tile and only requires a mop and some muscle. But still, it’s a lot of tile and quite a lot of “mayhem”.

So, this morning I took a look around surveying the damage, and I couldn’t help but smile. In between all the little spills of apple juice, hot cocoa and parrot “mishap” are paw prints, both large and small. Sure signs that our yellow lab and mini-Dachshund have been brought in out of the rain to enjoy the warmth and love of being indoors. It was sort of like seeing tiny handprints smudged across the fridge when the kids were little – you want to complain, but also take a mental snapshot when you realize those tiny handprints will soon be the size of your own.

Then there was the occasional pumpkin seed; visible aftermath from last weekend’s birthday party for my daughter, and solid proof that high schoolers still enjoy a good, old-fashioned pumpkin decorating party completely void of gaming systems and all things electronic!

And there on the kitchen floor lay a small shred of onion skin right next to a shriveled half of macaroni. I quickly thanked the Lord for His provision and for allowing me to make the kids’ favorite casserole for dinner the other night.

I thanked Him again when I swept up the bits of tree bark and pine needles from the firewood that warms our house.

And over there by the door, the largest set of shoe prints; those of my husband who works so hard at a job he’s thankful to have so he can provide for the family he loves so much.

So I thank you, God for the spots on my floor - they represent a full, happy life. Thank you for showing me that life isn’t about the spots. It’s about being thankful for the living that goes into making the memories.


  1. Lovely post..a thankful heart is beautiful!

  2. Sounds like a floor that should be covered in shellac and preserved just like it is. As time moves on, it's inevitable that someday you'll look down and wish you could see it just like that again. A beautiful post Debbie.

  3. Thank you, Debbie. We had almost fifteen years between our first two grandsons, and it's good to see the returning aftermath of our latest visit with our 21-month old grandson. The debris field will continue soon with the arrival of grandson #3. Can't wait!



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