Thursday, December 16, 2010

Is There a Hallmark Card for That?

It’s been 22 years since I agreed to unconditionally love, honor, cherish and yes, obey my husband. We’ve come a long way since our "deep-fried days" before I learned to cook. Wow – 22 years! Who really knows what you’re signing up for when you’re young and in love? In reality, I should have said, “I vow to…”

  • look for something cute about the way you snore and keep me awake
  • keep your sock drawer full (most of the time)
  • listen to you “practice” your trumpet each day at the stroke of 7:30am
  • keep your dinner warm until you stumble in late from work
  • smile from the inside out when you play guitar and sing mariachi songs…to the dogs
  • not complain when you leave the toilet seat up and I find out the hard way at 2am
  • learn to pack a travel bag for your 5-day business trips at a moment’s notice
  • be your partner through life’s rainy days…and walk with you in the sun
  • appreciate your drive and ambition
  • appreciate your passion
  • appreciate your heart
  • learn when to hold back…and when to let go

I agreed to compromise, overcome, accept and adapt, to understand, to forgive, to see straight through to the heart of the man my God and savior chose for me – and to be truly thankful for him. I agreed to grow old and gray together with my best friend, to trust and believe in forever.

Still looking forward to spending my forever with you, Matthew. I love you and thank God for you always. Happy Anniversary!


  1. What a sweet anniversary-love letter :) Matthew is a blessed guy! I giggled at your 2am toilet seat incident (been there) and the last 4 items I need to let resonate in my own heart for my husband. And wow.. the last paragraph just says it all. Happy Anniversary Debbie and Matthew!!

  2. I love your hubby list! Your husband snores too? I tried to get him to use that breathe right before but he won't! I wish it sounded like quiet noise because I sleep great with that in the background. Does someone pull guys to the side in elementary school to tell them that no matter what you do leave the seat up!? They must bc even in a household of 4 girls, the seat is usually up somewhere! And we all know who did it!

  3. Very lovely post my sister...thanks for sharing and Congrats to the both of you.

  4. What a beautiful post, Congratulations to you both!!

  5. Debbie, congratulations on your anniversary! We both share a common bond, we've been blessed with two wonderful, loving men, that always put their family first. I think we can thank their Dad for that, he gave both of them a perfect example of how to be a great man, husband and father!
    Love, your sister-in-law,

  6. Hi Debbie:) Congratulations on your anniversary! This past October,it was 37 years for me and my hubby,and I have no doubt that God chose this man for me and knew that we would need each other. I do have a testimony about how we met. I'll post it sometime. And, yes, I have had those 2 a.m. drops in the bless:)

  7. Here from the Weekend Wander :) I've been married 9 years, and it's hard! Thanks for your encouragement :)



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