Monday, February 7, 2011

Humbled :)

FLORES CARAMELIZADAS ( FLOWERS WITH CARAMEL)photo © 2009 Jônatas Cunha | more info (via: Wylio)
I'm so excited! Take a look over to your right...yep! My blogger buddy, sweet Melody-Mae (, surprised me with this oh-so-stylish award! Thank you so much! a recipient of this acknowledgment, I'm supposed to tell you 7 (somewhat interesting) things about myself that you may not otherwise know. So, here goes:
  1. I was raised in the small cowboy town of Oakhurst, California. I had 5 horses, a wonderful barn and all 4 seasons. My heart is still there even though I've been transplanted to SoCal. My husband and I hope to retire in a similar location someday.
  2. My husband and I met on a blind date and married 2 years later.
  3. I sing in church on Sundays with our worship team and work as the church secretary 4 days a week.
  4. For our 20th anniversary, I flew BY MYSELF to Paris to meet my husband (who was already there) for a romantic 5-6 day visit, AND attended a cooking class from Chef Eric Fraudeau. An event I will NEVER forget.
  5. I'm just a teensy tad bit OCD....but I'm working on it.
  6. I have an 18-year-old son, a 16-year-old daughter, a yellow lab named Sammy, a mini-dachshund named Willy, a couple finches, and a nasty old buzzard (a yellow-headed Amazon parrot) who screams and sings like Ethel Merman on steroids! He drives me crazy!!!!
  7. My very first ever writing piece I published was an article in our local paper back in the late '80s called "The Cowboy and Me." It's about the precious man who wandered into our camp site on horseback early one Saturday morning when we were camping. He was actually instrumental in our moving to the mountains a few years later. With that little publication milestone, I was hooked, bitten by the publishing bug, and then quickly published 3 short fiction stories in a children's small press magazine called Hob Nob.
So, that's 7 things already. Well, if you're not completely bored to tears, then I invite you to check out my personal testimony over at "His Voice Alone"

In keeping with the rules, here are the wonderful blogs I nominate:

Heidi and Kelli at Mothers on Mission
Trailing After God
Dawn Edmonson at The Feathered Nest
Allison Morrison @ Beautiful in Him

You sweet ladies are who make blogging fun by your support and encouragement. As the body of Christ, we're to lift each other up, and you've certainly lifted me when I've needed it most. God Bless you!


  1. Yay!!!! I am so happy that you are enjoying your award. You my dear friend, SO deserved it! I loved reading the info on you too. My middle daughter and son in law sing every week on our worship team and I fill in from time to time. :) Love that we have this in common too.

    love you and have an awesome rest of your day, you truly are a stylish blogger!

  2. Okay, I didn't know most of those things so that was fun! Maybe someday we will meet up at a writer's conference somewhere in California (since I'm in Oregon). You are always such a blessing and it drips from everything you write! Oh and our dog's name is Willy too :)

    Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God

  3. Awww you're too sweet to nominate me! Btw, I wish I could sing :) But I probably sound like a frog most of the time with my stinking sinus problems :) LOL

  4. Debbie, thank you for nominating us, what an honor! I so enjoyed your 7 things,I love getting to know you more personally :)

  5. Thanks for the honor....I don't even know if I have seven things to say about myself!

  6. So glad I followed the trail to your blog from Heidi's place :) It was fun reading facts about you. I also have an 18 yr old, but a girl....also 2 boys, ages 14 and 6. I am inspired by your #4. In a couple of weeks we celebrate our 19th, so next year maybe I can follow in your footsteps (except my husband will be on the plane with me!). And I can relate to your #5 as well,....I am a "recovering" mental perfectionist with OCD tendencies. Isn't it FUN?! ;)

  7. It's fun to learn more about you. I love your Paris story!



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