Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Humble Praise

Window and Flowersphoto © 2007 Sukanto Debnath | more info (via: Wylio)
Such a good kind of tired as the day comes to a close and night rains down. The words struggle to find their place; there are so many, merging down a single-lane road, yet it’s “humble” that takes the lead.

Yes, humble praise flows from my lips, from tears when I think of all the glorious ways He’s blessed me. My praises, whispered and joy-cried out, well up from within and bubble into “Why me, God? Why are You so good to me?”

Then, just when my words run out, I read the thoughts of Ann Voskamp at “A Holy Experience.” She sums it up beautifully. May her beautiful words bless you today:



  1. Love those calming, motivating verses in Colossians 3. Praising Him for being SO incredibly good to us! Nighty night dear friend :)

  2. May all I do bring glory to my heavenly Father. Amen!

  3. He is so good to me...even when I can't see it, He is still good.



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