Friday, March 4, 2011

Rejoice With Me!

Sand Dollars and Shellsphoto © 2007 Scot Campbell | more info (via: Wylio)
We crossed the border into Mexico beneath a bright summer sun - seems so long ago now. My wedding ring still felt new around my finger, and I was just getting the hang of writing my brand new name on checks. But life was good. Time was on our side back then; nothing but the wide future ahead of us as we strolled barefoot, care-free and in love along the beaches of San Felipe and beyond.

We spent the weekend eating fish tacos and collecting little treasures of the sea and surrounding culture.

We took refuge from the heat in relaxing whicker chairs beneath the lazy ceiling fans; the perfect spot to sit and enjoy the view of the sea lapping the shoreline as ocean breezes fluttered across the shiny, tiled floor.

That’s when I remembered the little bag I’d packed for such a moment; the one brimming with various books, magazines, paper and pen. It was there on the veranda, so far from home and anything familiar, that I first discovered the allure of Victoria Magazine.

I melted into each beautifully-written article, captivated by the amazing photography and illustrations; the inviting way it managed to capture the elegance and charm of the romantic era. I was an instant fan and immediately ordered a subscription when we returned home.

With all the issues since, never did I once even venture to imagine my own random thoughts, words sometimes pieced together and strung like an awkward paper chain, would ever find their way among its pages.

Yet somehow, by the strength and grace of my loving God, (and encouragement from Dawn Edmonson of “The Feathered Nest” ), I took that deep breath, composed and submitted a brand new "paper chain,” of sorts…..

And prayed.

And prayed some more.

Then, just when the Lord got tired of hearing me whine/beg for an acceptance of my article, He answered my prayers in a big way!

I’m so happy, excited, blessed, honored, humbled, bouncing off the ceiling with joy to share with you, my sweet friends, that the wonderful people of Victoria Magazine have agreed to publish my article/essay in a future issue!!!!

I’m praising God today for allowing us to dream, and for being our strength when we dare to step out on that narrow ledge. He is SO good ALL the time, even in our waiting, our longing, our dreaming of “what if…?”

Thank you for allowing me to share my praises with you. Thank you even more for sharing in the journey.

For you have been my hope, Sovereign LORD,

my confidence since my youth. (Psalm 71:5) NIV

I say to myself, “The LORD is my portion;

therefore I will wait for him.” (Lamentations 3:24) NIV


  1. I'm so very happy for your Debbie!!!! Even this simple post is written so beautifully ~ you were meant to be a writer!! My little nudge was nothing sweet friend, you were ready to FLY!!! I can't wait to get my issue....sending you hugs and love, Dawn

  2. That is really wonderful Debbie! Praise God for the talent He has given you and that you can use it to glorify HIM! I am very excited for you!!:) You are super sweet! I feel blessed to read everything you blog!

  3. Congrats friend! You deserve it! That is so awesome! Keep up the awesome work!


  4. Congratulations to you! It's awesome to watch something we having eagerly been praying for and waiting for become a reality

  5. Well, I'm not surprised one bit :) God has given you a beautiful gift... of course He's going to use it! You have a wonderful way of writing Him into the hearts of your readers! So happy for you!

  6. OH MY GOODNESS! I am so so happy for you! That is a really BIG deal you know? We all expect to eventually get accepted into some off beat super unknown little magazine but you will be in one of the best!! I just love how Victoria always transports me away from my ordinary home and life! It is a truly beautiful magazine!

  7. Congratulations! What wonderful news. Thank you, God, for blessing Debbie.

  8. wow! Congratulations to you and glory to God. (Psalm 115:1)

  9. Praise God!!!...So happy for you can't wait to read it..I Love that magazine..



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