Saturday, November 5, 2011

Decorate the Heart

'Holiday Decorations - Kit Lens' photo (c) 2007, ccharmon - license:

I watch as the clouds rush and twist to be first in line, first to pour heavy with all the wonders of fall and winter. Inside, lights glow. The fire pops. Flames dance and warm my home.

Home; the place where life happens – where we love and grow

and let the meaning of “family” knit our hearts together

with “forever” thread.

Meanwhile, cookies bake. Christmas is penned out and kept on secret lists. There are gifts to buy, menus to prepare, gatherings to plan for, and excitement builds.

We bring color, swag garlands, adorn forgotten spaces with simple elements of nature, fill each room with wonderful scents. We dust off old memories to revisit and cherish and allow the very blessing of them to resonate once more.

'pine tree branch' photo (c) 2006, Martin Cathrae - license:

This season, as we plan, prepare, consider….why not decorate our hearts, as well? Why should our homes get all the attention? My hope is that, regardless of the year it’s been for you, may you capture each precious passing moment and savor it in your heart. Let it embellish who you are and add warmth and color to your soul that will last the whole coming year. Let conversations around the table, quiet moments with loved ones, the simple smell of coffee in the morning or sunlight sparkling through icicles all be like little snapshots captured and fully enjoyed. As one goes out and gathers elements of nature to bring beauty to her home, the richest blessings are born from our internal “gathering” moments settled by the fire or in the bustling of our kitchens….funny how the simplest, sweetest joys seem to last the longest.

You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand. (Psalm 16:11)


  1. Hopefully, Blogger has worked out some of the "issues" regarding posting comments. I love hearing from anyone who wishes to leave feedback :)

  2. Nice blog. Please follow me I'm following you.thanks.God bless!

  3. There seems to be a recurring theme in the blogs I am reading this evening--Savor the season, bask in the blessings. Thanks for the thoughtful post, Debbie.
    Pam from

  4. This is a beautiful post Debbie! Have a blessed Sunday. Chelle

  5. Oh Debbie, I love this "Home; the place where life happens – where we love and grow and let the meaning of “family” knit our hearts together with “forever” thread." But, love your point to "decorate our hearts" even more. Love you too friend :)

  6. nice post thanks for sharing...God bless you loves .... soraya

  7. Your blog just makes me smile and feel good Debbie! Have a blessed day and know that you're a blessing!



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