Saturday, December 10, 2011


'Ocean Breach' photo (c) 2009, Erik Charlton - license:’m thinking this morning about the word,

About what it means,

About the force behind it.

What drives me?

What drives you?

Is it self motivation? Determination? Fear?

Fear of sinking into nothingness and never achieving OR if you’re driven to stagnation, the fear of failure?

Are you driven by the prodding of others? Driven away?

A constant chastising or pressure to move forward?

There’s a force which propels us if we’re driven at all.

Do you allow yourself to be “driven”? Are you even open to the possibility? We’re all headed in one direction or another…aren’t we?

'Walk on the Beach' photo (c) 2005, Bruno Girin - license:

Driven is how we’re to get there.

Either kicking and screaming at the Father’s Will,

Or “driven” by the very breath of it.

So, what drives you today?

What propels you?

What forces you to move from your reluctance…to forge ahead with eyes open and arms outstretched?

Why not grasp the hand of the One who calls you to move forward on His behalf?

The Spirit of God has made me; the breath of the Almighty gives me life. (Job 33:4) NIV


  1. Awesome post, debbie!! Just what this girl needed to hear today! I LOVE when the Lord does that! Whoot!!

    Love and blessings, Rob

  2. ...worth pondering for sure. Thanks for the push. Love and blessings ~ Tami

  3. A great post Debbie. "Driven" will be my thought word for the day.

  4. I so desire for Christ to be the push behind what motivates me. I want my actions to please Him -- The action of living my faith out loud for others to see!

  5. Great question to ponder during this season...At the end of the year, I am always evaluating the year behind and the year ahead....Each year I want God to be more in control of my life and my decisions and to be the force behind my life.....

    Great post...thank you.



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