Saturday, January 7, 2012

As We Go Along...

'Mollis Tange Camera' photo (c) 2010, Taylor Burnes - license:

My husband bought me an awesome camera for Christmas. I love it! It does amazing stuff…..I think :/ I’ve taken a few pictures with it, but I confess it’s a little confusing.

So, I took a few minutes to sit down and actually check out the instructions (duh?). Easier said than done. The print is so small, or maybe it was bad lighting….or my eyes are getting old. Either way, I got frustrated and decided I’d have to just figure it out as I go along.

Funny thing about that way of thinking. Making the decision to figure things out as they come sort of obligates us to accept the easy along with the difficult; the trials AND the triumphs.

'Vintage' photo (c) 2009, Agnes_F - license:

In a sense, it’s kind of like becoming a Christian. We have this brand new and wonderful thing in front of us. We know it will bless us and change our lives…maybe even change the lives of others…but the “user’s manual” definitely takes some studying to understand all that it’s capable of doing, as well as just how to use it! So, in faith, we say, ‘Ok, I’ve made this decision to follow you, Lord, to trust in you for all things and to walk in your ways. I don’t have it all figured out, but I want to 'use it anyway' (just like using my brand new camera). And when I stumble and make mistakes, maybe get things a little ‘out of focus,’ I can go back to the manual, figure out what I did wrong and make it right again.”

The blessing can only come about when we study the Word and learn all we can about the indescribable gift of knowing Jesus. If we go about it blindly, using the gift with limited knowledge and never bother exploring its full capabilities, we miss out on the true blessing…..sort of like clicking pictures in the dark without a flash.


  1. Good morning Debbie ~
    This is a great post. If we go about it blindly we miss out on the true blessing! That is so good and I can so relate to what you say. You really inspire me in many ways. Thank you.

  2. I love this analogy, Debbie. We don't have to go about this crazy thing called life alone. We have an instruction manual. We have an Instructor.

    I also got a new camera for Christmas and it can be a bit overwhelming to figure all this stuff out. Lol.

  3. Debbie, this is a wonderful analogy....I too got a new camera and dug right in without reading the instructions but soon found I needed to go back and take a little time finding out how to use the camera.....

    You are so right about us as Christians...we need to read our manual The Bible to know how to walk in the ways of the Lord...

    Thank you for a great post....

  4. Oh, I'm so glad to have found your blog! What a wonderful post! I, too, received a brand new camera for a Christmas/early birthday present, so this analogy was such a good one.

    Your blog site is very beautiful, warm and welcoming. And oh so peaceful. The music is especially lovely and calming. Just what I need!

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts, Debbie.

    At His feet,

  5. Such a good analogy, Debbie! We have been given the Owner's manual to the Christian life! All we have to do is read and follow its directions! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
    Pam at 2 Encourage

  6. Thank goodness we have a clear instruction book, the Bible, to help us figure it out as we go along. Smile.

  7. I am guilty of not looking at the instructions; this was a good reminder that it is important to, at the very least, read the instructions of the Bible.

    Also, you seem like you really like the cafe feel. You may enjoy this video I made

    Ben Cabe

  8. Debbie, great analogy! So true, we'll miss out on so much with out His "user manual." Enjoy your new gift to the fullest! Love you friend!



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