Thursday, March 1, 2012

Simple Joy...


Maybe I’m taking a que from Ann Voskamp’s, One Thousand Gifts. Maybe it’s because I see it all around me ~ those struggling with family, relationships, finances, worry for tomorrow. All the stuff that clouds our vision of “joy.” Maybe the idea came when that photo washed up out of the blue and landed there in front of me; the one of my son showing the boyish back of him in baseball cap and t-shirt fishing at the creek a 6-hour drive north. I remember the day and the warm sun, the song of clear mountain waters rushing and the patience of him sitting, waiting. The smells of campfires swirling, of peace and sweet Heaven in the air. All that took my breath away and stopped me head on. I grabbed the moment, the precious gift from the Giver to savor NOW, today and all of my tomorrows.

'Yosemite Valley' photo (c) 2009, Chris M - license:

My hope is that you and I will see and realize the simple pleasures; the moments that give us the greatest joy without the great expense. They only require that we live with our eyes open, not to the frustrations and negative elements, but to the blessings sometimes buried beneath the rubble.

It takes but only a minute of our time. A pause in the big rush. Our words hushed and with a full heart we give thanks to the Father of all things wonderful and glorious.

There truly are simple joys in each day. What are some of yours?

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  1. Love the blessings buried beneath the rubble... they're the sweetest for sure!

  2. Hi Debbie - its so true that it takes only a minute to see the beauty, the thankfulness in the moment, in the circumstance. Great reminder
    God bless and have a great weekend

  3. Nicely done Debbie! Finding the blessings right where we are is the best of all...!



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